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What to expect on board a private jet service

If you’re yet to fly via private jet charter, you’re in for a treat. From hassle-free boarding and VIP treatment to gourmet dining and superior in-flight entertainment, here’s why private jet service is the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

Pre-flight waiting time is much less than when flying commercial

When you fly by private jet, you can skip the queues and crowds that often plague commercial flights. If your flight departs at 0900, for example, you only have to be at the airport by 0845. If you’re departing from a private airport, you can drive right up onto the tarmac to be greeted by your captain; while at a commercial airport, you’ll bypass the chaos of the main terminal by using a private terminal reserved for those flying via private jet charter. If you do happen to arrive with time to spare, you’ll have access to an executive lounge outfitted with all of the accoutrements necessary to make your wait time that much more enjoyable.

Security clearances and baggage checks are quick and easy for private jet passengers

While aviation rules and protocols still apply to private jet passengers, the process is far simpler and speedier than for a commercial flight. What’s more, it’s incredibly discreet. Passports are often pre-cleared by your flight operator (usually a couple of days in advance), and security check queues consist of one or two other passengers at the most.

Private jet baggage allowances are far more lax

A laptop stands open on a workstation on board a private jet with a wooden finish and leather seats
A laptop stands open on a workstation on board a private jet with a wooden finish and leather seats

In fact, the only thing to bear in mind is whether your baggage will fit in the type of aircraft you’ve chartered. Commercial baggage restrictions don’t apply to private jet charters, which means you can pack liquids (your preferred tipple, perhaps?) as well as bulky items like a set of golf clubs. Your favourite furry companion is welcome on board too, although destination-dependent custom clearances still apply.

Flying via private jet charter means that the schedule revolves around you

If you’re flying to Berlin for a business meeting and then fancy an impromptu dinner in Paris, a private jet service will be able to make sure you’re back in London in time for a nightcap at your favourite pub. In other words, your itinerary dictates the schedule. This gives you a freedom and flexibility that commercial airlines simply can’t accommodate.

Whether you’re a vegan teetotaller or a steak and Merlot aficionado, private jet catering services leave you spoiled for choice

Say goodbye to choosing between the dreaded reheated “chicken or fish” options that are synonymous with flying commercial. Instead, private jet travel offers passengers an array of five-star fare that caters to the most discerning of tastes. All dietary preferences and restrictions can be happily accommodated, as well as any requests for specific food or drink. What’s more, a fully-stocked open bar means you’ll never go thirsty while you traverse the skies.

Private jets offer some of the world’s best in-flight entertainment

As with the menu and flight schedule, you can dictate how you’d like to while away the duration of your flight. Whether you’re itching to catch up on the latest movies, want to page through the morning’s international papers or fancy a game of poker, your private jet service staff will be happy to outfit the cabin with everything you need to enjoy the flight.

Busy executives have access to the latest technology

A woman sits at a table on board a private jet, with dinnerware and wine glasses set out in front of her
A woman sits at a table on board a private jet, with dinnerware and wine glasses set out in front of her

If you need to catch up on some work while in the air, you’ll be hard pressed to find an environment better suited to some serious grind than a private jet. Think of the cabin as your own executive suite: Wi-Fi access and an onboard satellite phone mean it’s business as usual even when you’re cruising above the clouds. And, as long as you’re not flying above an ocean, you can even use your mobile phone while on board.

Long-haul flights don’t mean you have to compromise on sleep quality

If you fancy getting some shut-eye while in transit, you’re in for a treat as plush, oh-so-comfortable fully reclining seats make for a sumptuous sleep on board a private jet. As with all other aspects of flying privately, the layout of the cabin can be tailored to your requirements. Modular, fully-customisable seating arrangements mean you can tailor the interior configuration however you see fit. For example, if you want to freshen up before landing, if on a larger jet, on-board showers and dressing rooms can be provided to ensure you’re looking your best upon landing.

There are no long lines waiting for you upon arrival

Like the departure process, your arrival by private jet is handled quickly and efficiently. While you are required to declare any goods upon arrival as per custom regulations, you won’t have to endure the queues and crowds that usually come with the process. Instead, your pilot will ensure your passports are checked and stamped, often in a matter of minutes, leaving you to disembark at your leisure.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, our private jet service offers you an unparalleled experience. Get in touch today to find a private jet charter to suit your requirements.



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