• Passengers 19

The Embraer Lineage 1000 and upgraded 1000E blend reliability and efficiency with comfort and elegance, featuring five luxurious cabin zones with space for dining, entertaining, working or resting.

About this aircraft

  • Based on the Embraer 190 regional jet, the Embraer Lineage 1000 launched in 2006.
  • Its versatile interior can be split into five distinct zones. Typically seating 13-19 passengers, the cabin features up to three lavatories, a stand-up shower and a queen-size bed.
  • The aircraft’s range is about 7,778 km with eight passengers on board, allowing for non-stop flights from London to New York and Europe to the Middle East.
  • With 323 ft3 of walk-in storage and a 120 ft3 external compartment, the 1000 and 1000E have ample space for 20 suitcases plus hand luggage.
  • Embraer announced the 1000E’s release in 2013, with the “E” standing for extended range and enhanced interior.

Described by Embraer as “flying apartments”, the Lineage 1000 and 1000E are designed to transport large groups for long distances in elevated levels of comfort and privacy.

Interior design

One of the largest cabins in its class features five zones, with the first zone laid out with three club seats, foldable tables and a bar. The second zone has a divan seat and two single clubs with a foldable table, while the third and fourth feature a lounge and office with a long divan, single club seats and a sideboard with a 32-inch LCD screen workstation. The fifth zone is furnished as a double bedroom with a wardrobe, sideboard and walk-in shower.

The Lineage 1000E further enhances this space with a fully digital Honeywell Ovation Select cabin management system, which offers passengers a broad range of cabin entertainment, control and integrated communications to maximise in-flight comfort and productivity.

Below is a standard configuration for an Embraer Lineage 1000.

Interesting facts to learn before you fly

  • As well as being extremely spacious, the Lineage 1000 is very comfortable, with top-of-the-range stabilisers and turbulence detection technology for a smooth flight.
  • The baggage hold is large enough to fit a BMW motorcycle.
  • The upgraded Lineage 1000E was originally to feature door-sized windows and floor-to-ceiling skylights. While this didn’t come to fruition, the aircraft can travel further than it’s predecessor (with a range of approximately 8,500 km with eight passengers) and has more modern cabin amenities.
  • The Lineage 1000 and 1000E are larger than other ultra-long range aircraft like the Global 5000, Falcon 7X and Gulfstream G600, but smaller than executive jets like the Boeing B737-700 and Airbus ACJ319.

Technological features

The Embraer Lineage 1000 boasts electric CF34-10E7-B high-bypass jet engines that produce a whopping 18,000 lbs of thrust each.

Inside both the 1000 and 1000E, the computerised Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite includes dual FMS features, worldwide database capability, vertical glide path mode, coupled LNAV/VNAV and a pictorial vertical situation display. SATCOM and weather radar detection software is also standard.


Launched as a private jet in 2006, the Embraer Lineage 1000 is a comfortable long-range business jet that was based on the Embraer 190 twin-engine passenger plane. Unlike the commercial plane, the Lineage has a luxurious interior and extra fuel tanks for longer range.

The original Lineage 1000 completed its first flight in October 2007 and entered service in May 2009. After seven years of production, Embraer introduced the 1000E with an increased range and new in-flight entertainment and cockpit features.


Founded in 1969 with the help of the Brazilian government, Embraer has grown into the world’s third-largest commercial jet manufacturer, delivering over 8,000 aircraft in total and employing 18,000 people across sites in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Today an Embraer aircraft takes off every 10 seconds and its planes carry an average of 145 million passengers a year.

Embraer’s first aircraft was the Bandeirante, a turboprop plane designed for both civilian and military purposes. Aiming to remain at the forefront of avionics, the brand continuously reinvents its product designs with every new line of aircraft and allocates 10% of its total revenue towards research, development, innovation and improving industrial solutions.


Depending on numerous factors, a used Embraer Lineage 1000 can cost around $43 million (USD). The list price for a new Embraer 1000E is approximately $53 million.

Charter rates

Charter rates for the Embraer Lineage 1000 can vary greatly depending on the length of the journey you have planned, as well as the airports you decide to fly in and out of.

If you’d like to book a private charter flight on the Embraer Lineage 1000, why not contact our team? For information on other private jets, browse our list of available aircraft.

Wet lease rates

ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) wet lease rates for the Embraer Lineage 1000 vary depending on the age of the aircraft, length of lease term, number of block hours guaranteed and average cycle ratio.

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Key details

  • Aircraft type Heavy Jets (Ultra Long Range)
  • Passengers 19
  • Cruise speed 874 KM/H / 543 MPH
  • Range 8334 KM / 5179 Miles


  • Luggage space 443ft³
  • Enclosed lavatory Yes
  • Flight attendant Yes
  • Pressurised cabin Yes

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Embraer Lineage 1000 Floorplan

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