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As it’s home to the closest beaches to the sprawling Ho Chi Minh City, relatively laid-back Vung Tau is the weekend getaway destination of choice. Set on a peninsula just to the east of the mouth of the Soai Rap River, the city is surrounded on three sides by water and provides some welcome fresh sea air for urban dwellers. Although not quite as popular as some of Vietnam’s poster-child coastal resorts, Vung Tau has its charms: a 6-mile-long beach, colonial-era villas and some exceptional seafood restaurants and food stalls. Experience it all today, Charter a private jet.

Thuy Van Beach, more commonly known as Bai Sau or Back Beach, is the city’s most popular destination. This wide and sweeping stretch of sand, which faces out towards the East Sea, is backed by high-end hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars. This is where most visitors head first, especially at the weekend when the Ho Chi Minh City crowds arrive.

The beach can get busy, however, it’s such a long beach that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your own spot, and if you’re here on a weekday it is usually quite peaceful. Wander northeast along the coast and you’ll reach Paradise Beach, a private stretch of Back Beach that’s owned by the Paradise Resort. It’s a far quieter stretch of sand but you’ll need to pay an entrance fee – or be staying at the resort – to make the most of the more relaxed vibe and use the facilities.

The much smaller Front Beach is the closest to the heart of the city, but with that comes more pollution. We recommend coming here to sample the seafood from waterfront food stalls and to watch the sunset rather than to take a dip in the water. Up on a hill at one end of this crescent-shaped beach is the White Palace, a classic example of Vietnam’s colonial-era architecture that was built as a coastal resident for a French governor-general in the early 20th Century. Today, you can explore the mansion and its gardens.

One of the most striking attractions in Vung Tau is the 105-metre high Christ the King statue which sits at the peak of Nui Nho Mountain at the southwestern-most tip of the peninsula. This smaller version of Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer is the largest Christian icon in Asia. To reach its base, you’ll need to climb up around 850 steps, and then a further 100 rather narrow and steep stairs to reach the viewing platform which is inside the shoulder of Christ. Across on the other side of the mountain is the city’s French-built lighthouse, considered to be the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam. From here, you’ll have some amazing views out over Vung Tau, Back Beach and the East Sea beyond.

The city is surrounded on three sides by water, it should come as no surprise that it’s heaven for seafood lovers. To catch a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of the local people and to soak up a lively atmosphere, a trip to one of the city’s seafood markets is highly recommended. Head to Xom Luoi Market, which isn’t too far from Front Beach, in the mid afternoon to see the day’s catch of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. To sample some of the fruits of the sea for yourself, head to the night market which is located close to the city’s finest address – the Imperial Hotel – where the catch-of-the-day is prepared for you to try right on the spot.

Alongside its beaches and amazing food, Vung Tau holds an interest for military historians and war veterans, particularly those from the Australian and Vietnamese armed forces. The Long Tan battlefield and former Australian base in Nui Dat are both within easy reach from the city. There’s also a network of underground tunnels, known as the Long Phuoc tunnels, that were used by the locals to live in and fight from against the French and later, the Americans.

The city is served by Vung Tau Airport which can handle small jets. The nearest airport that can accommodate larger jets is Tan Son Nhat International Airport which is located approximately 2 hours away in Ho Chi Minh City. Simply contact one of our team and we will arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Vung Tau.


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