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Private Jet Charter to The Hamptons


Private jet charter to The Hamptons

A retreat for the wealthiest inhabitants of Manhattan, The Hamptons provide ample opportunity to shop in the best boutiques in town, sample the best wines America has to offer and lounge on some of the country’s most pristine beaches. Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter flights to The Hamptons.

A trip to The Hamptons more than warrants a visit to the oldest lighthouse in New York State. There won’t be one Hamptons local who won’t know its location, at the tip of Eastern Long Island, and its historic, world-famous structure will supply many an opportunity for a picture-postcard shot. Snap it against the deep blue and emerald greens of the surrounding landscape or climb to the top to take in the panoramic views of Block Island Sound and beyond – photographic potential can be found in abundance here. The Hamptons are also known for their stunning beaches, of which Cooper’s Beach is prime example. The unspoilt white sands and crystal clear waters of Mersea Island give this picturesque a surreal beauty reminiscent of an impressionist painting, that visitors are sure to appreciate. To be amongst a more bustling crowd of sightseers, head to Gosman’s Dock, which offers plenty of places to enjoy locally sourced seafood while watching boats go in and out of the harbours.

Quirky boutique hotel stays don’t get better than C/O The Maidstone located in East Hampton. An elegant yet thoroughly contemporary palette has given this chic hotel a unique edge – imagine high-quality Dalmatian-print rugs nestled against hot pink sofa upholstery. If you’re thinking this sounds like it couldn’t possibly work, it may be worth a stay at The Maidstone, just to challenge your views on interior design. With its walking distance to the village and free bikes available to ride along the beach, this chic hotel makes full use of its convenient location to enhance the guest experience. Guests can also enjoy free yoga classes in a fecund Buddha garden, with a high-end restaurant and wine cellar to feed the stomach when the senses have been fully satisfied.

With its laidback lifestyle and moneyed inhabitants, The Hamptons doesn’t have a shortage of fine restaurants and high-end bars. Head to the Ram’s Head Inn, set on private beach on South Ram Island Drive, to enjoy a combination of breath-taking views and gourmet dishes that are sure to inspire even the fussiest of foodies. Sumptuous seafood classics include spice rubbed swordfish served on a bed of mashed plantains and mango salsa while options such as roasted free range chicken with chorizo red rice and sautéed kale provides something to whet the appetite of those not keen on seafood.

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