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Private Jet Charter to International Falls



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The city of International Falls is located within Koochiching County, which is found in the state of Minnesota. International Falls is on the banks of the Rainy River, which acts as the border to Canada - with Fort Frances being on the opposite bank.

There are a number of attractions in this area, including the Voyageurs National Park, Koochiching County History Museum and Smokey Bear Park. Due to the number of days per year that the temperature drops below freezing, the city earned the nickname of the 'Icebox of the Nation'.

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  • State: Minnesota
  • Area Code: 218
  • Region: Koochiching

  • Coordinates: 48.5917° N, 93.4053° W
  • Population: 6,352
  • Neighbouring Cities: Fort Frances, Pelland, Island View
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