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Indonesia is an often overlooked destination in the wider sense of the word in that many flock to Bali’s beautiful shores, and for good reason, but there is far more to Indonesia than just Bali. Indonesia also encompasses the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan (Borneo), Java, Sulawesi and more. Charter a private jet to Indonesia and see Bali’s beaches for yourself, before heading on to some of its lesser known islands.

Without a doubt, Bali is Indonesia’s most popular island. Said to be ‘the island of the Gods’, its scenery is stunning, with everything from rolling hills and mountains, to picture-perfect beaches, ruggedly beautiful coastlines and everything in between. Visit rice paddies, trek across barren volcanic terrain or just kick back and relax on one of Bali’s beaches. Ubud is Bali’s main cultural town, located in its centre and offering visitors plenty in the way of both history and religion. You can take a bike tour, walking tour or simply make it up as you go along. There are plenty of temples, but some can get busy so you might want to ask around to find out which are lesser visited, perhaps off the beaten tourist track. There are also a great collection of museums and galleries to visit, alongside the simply stunning scenery that surrounds Ubud.

Java is home to Jakarta, the biggest city in Indonesia and also its capital. It’s a hub of economic commerce and also home to some outstanding wining and dining opportunities. If you enjoy a bit of nightlight, a couple of nights in Jakarta are ideal, with plenty of shopping available during the day. Outside of the main city you’ll also find plenty of other places to explore. Anyer is the gateway to the renowned Krakatoa volcano, but is also home to a beautiful stretch of beach. There are temples scattered across the island, and plenty of deserted beaches await those willing to look. Some even host nightly turtle activities should you wish to see turtles laying their eggs.

Sumatra is equally as beautiful, with plenty for lovers of the outdoors to enjoy. Again you’ll find lush tropical forest, deserted beaches and plenty of charming villages. There’s an orang-utan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang, as well as plenty of other opportunities to see monkeys and elephants. Beneath the waves in the azure waters surrounding Sumatra you’ll find dolphins and plenty of tropical fish, as well as some of the world’s best dive sites. Above or below the water, you’ll find plenty to do.

The Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, Kalimantan shares the Borneo rainforest, one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. Here you’ll find countless types of flora and fauna, some not found anywhere else in the world. There is also great diving in the area and of course, it’s the perfect place to see orang-utans. There are also the lesser known islands of Sulwasi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua, all offering unspoilt landscapes and hospitable people.

So whichever island has captured your imagination, book a privatejet with Air Charter Service to Indonesia, and experience it for yourself.


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