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The larger-than-life state of Texas is rich in Western culture and heritage. Its vast cities blend contemporary arts scenes with a hint of the Old West, while the state’s great outdoors is vast – from the rolling plains of the northwest to the stunning coastal landscapes of the southeast. Combined with acclaimed Texan cuisine and a wide variety of cultural attractions, this is an unforgettable destination that will leave you coming back for more.Get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter a private jet to Texas.

The country's second-largest and most populous state is shaped by its past. Texas has been part of Spain, Mexico, the Confederate States and the United States of America as well as being a country in itself – the Republic of Texas. You'll find its long-held cowboy culture alive and well, whether you’re out on a ranch in the prairies or wandering through urban downtown districts.

Texas is split into seven distinct regions, largely based on its natural landscapes. In the northwest are the Panhandle Plains, where towns seem to have been plucked straight from the Old West against a backdrop of yawning canyons and grasslands scattered with cattle ranches. To the east of the panhandle is the agriculturally-rich Prairies and Lakes region which is home to the contrasting twin cities of Dallas – a modern metropolis known for its nightlife and professional sports teams – and rural Fort Worth, where you can catch a twice-daily daily cattle drive through the heart of the city.

South Texas is hemmed by hundreds of miles of Gulf Coast seashore. Stretching from the border with Mexico to the Texas-Louisiana state line, the stunning coastline boasts wide sandy beaches, wildlife refuges, bayous, marshlands and barrier islands such as the beautifully undeveloped Padre Island. Also located on the Gulf Coast is the state's largest city, Houston, a cool metropolis best known for being the home of NASA's Johnson Space Centre (which is actually located approximately 30 minutes away in Clear Lake City).

The largely deserted South Texas Plains border the Gulf Coast region and Mexico. To the north is Hill Country, home to the state capital of Austin and San Antonio, a riverside city that’s most famous as the home of The Alamo – an 18th-century Roman Catholic Mission where 200 or so Texan soldiers resisted the forces of Mexican troops for 13 days during the Texas Revolution. Although they were eventually overpowered, their battle became a symbol of courage for Texans, who went on to gain independence in 1836.

The last of Texas’ seven regions is the breathtaking Big Bend Country, where the Lone Star State's two national parks are located. Big Bend National Park, which encompasses the winding Rio Grande river, is a must-visit for dedicated hikers, while Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a real hidden gem featuring epic off-the-beaten-track landscapes.

Texan cuisine is almost a reason to visit in its own right. The Texans love their food and you’ll understand why after just a couple of meals. In one day you can taste cultural influences from around the world, including Cajun, Creole, French, Mexican and Native American. Highlights include Tex-Mex, a fusion of Mexican and Native American flavours including nachos, tacos and fajitas; and iconic BBQ dishes, which were inspired by the dishes of Czech and German settlers with a bit of Caribbean and Mexican spice thrown in.

While there are numerous luxury hotels to be found in the state's cosmopolitan cities, visitors should stay on one of the state’s many ranches for a real sense of Texas. Step off the grid and experience something a little more rustic in the vast prairies and plains of cowboy country.

Texas is served by a wide variety of airports, from international to executive. Simply contact our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Texas.



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