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helicopter landing on a patch of green grass with trees in background

A walk on the wild side

We were approached by a global travel agent who had received a request from a regular client who had invited 17 important investors to their annual conference and wanted to add a private aircraft experience with an overnight stop at a safari lodge as part of the kick off to the event.


We offered the client a range of solutions, with options from both Johannesburg and nearby Pretoria. The client chose to charter a recently refurbished Beechcraft 1900 turboprop aircraft from Pretoria as it balanced cost-effectiveness with time-saving and could land on the short private airstrip closer to the clients’ chosen lodge. Due to our close relationships with the South African operators we were able to secure it almost immediately. We then created a timetable of events taking into account each of the guests’ arrival time into Johannesburg and how quickly we could get them onto the transportation to Pretoria where the private aircraft was waiting. To ensure the flight went off without a hitch, several meetings were held prior to the day of the event to iron out any issues in the run-up.


FLIGHT REPRESENTATION: An ACS representative was on hand at all times ensuring any issues could be taken care of swiftly, and ensure a quick turnaround.

CUSTOMISATION: To make the experience truly unique we supplied branded headrest covers, napkins and coasters.

THE EXTRA MILE: In honour of the safari theme we sourced South African gifts and provided them with all their safari essentials in zebra-print bags on board the aircraft.

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