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Charter a private jet from Florida to Hawaii

Planning a vacation in Hawaii? Traveling by private jet gives you the ability to explore this incredible destination at your own pace in unrivaled style and luxury.

Top private jet airports in Florida

  • George T Lewis Airport is located one mile west of the central business district of Cedar Key. The public-use airport opened in 1936 and has a single asphalt runway. It covers an area of 52 acres, but has no control tower and isn’t served by a scheduled passenger airline.
  • Miami International Airport, also known as MIA and historically as Wilcox Field, is the primary airport serving the Miami area.
  • Palm Beach International Airport is a public airport in West Palm Beach. It is the primary airport for Boca Raton and the surrounding area.

Top private jet airports to Hawaii

Aerial view of Tunnels beach, Kauai
Aerial view of Tunnels beach, Kauai

Once you’ve picked the island that’s perfect for your Hawaii vacation, you’ll need to figure out which airport to fly to. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Dillingham Airfield is just over six miles from the Waialua community in Honolulu County. It’s owned by the United States Army, but operated by the Hawaii Department of Transportation.
  • Lihue Airport is Kauai’s major airport, centrally located in Lihue, East Kauai. There are a limited number of direct commercial flights here from the U.S. mainland, so charter a private jet to avoid having to connect through Oahu’s Honolulu Airport.
  • Lanai Airport is near Lanai City, but you’ll need to connect at Oahu’s Honolulu Airport or at Kahului Maui Airport. You’ll avoid unnecessary delays with a private jet charter.
  • Molokai Airport is the major airport for Kaunakakai. To fly to Molokai, you’ll need to connect at Oahu’s Honolulu Airport or Kahului Maui Airport.

How long does it take to fly from Florida to Hawaii?

  • It takes just under 11 hours to fly from Orlando International Airport in Florida to Dillingham Airfield in Honolulu on a business jet like the Gulfstream G450, which boasts smart interior touches, sofas, tables, and cabin designs that can accommodate 16 passengers.
  • It takes 10 hours and 50 minutes from Southwest Florida International to Molokai Airport on the Embraer Lineage 1000. Its lavish interior is divided into sections, including an optional bedroom, a washroom with running water and a walk-in cargo area at the rear.
  • The Gulfstream G550 combines incredible speed and range with excellent interior features. It boasts up to four distinct areas, complete with numerous multimedia resources, and can seat and entertain up to 16 passengers. This ultra-long-range private jet can fly you from Miami International to Lihue Airport in 11 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Flying from Palm Beach International to Kona International at Keahole takes 11 hours and 20 minutes on the Dassault Falcon 7X, which has a large cabin and impressive features. An innovative wing and signature three-engine design make for impressive speeds and the ability to take off from shorter runways. The cabin has seating for up to 14 passengers and some configurations offer queen-size beds. The 7X is the perfect long-haul charter travel option.

Top events in Hawaii

Tranquil beach scene in Hawaii
Tranquil beach scene in Hawaii

The world’s tallest volcano on Hilo

Mauna Kea is one of five shield volcanoes that make up the Big Island of Hawaii. The volcano has 12 world-class observatories and is well-worth a visit to see lava rock, alpine tundra and evidence of the enormous ice cap that dominated the terrain 11,000 years ago. Local legend has it that the summit is home to the Hawaiian snow goddess, Poliahu.

Lanai cat sanctuary

The island of Lanai has a population is just 3,000 people, who mostly work at the island’s Four Seasons resort. Bolstering the headcount are 500 feline cats that live at the “Fur Seasons”. This cat sanctuary allows the felines to move freely over 25,000 square feet of land. It was opened in 2009 to save as many cats as possible from being hunted when the island became overpopulated. A volunteer program traps the cats, neuters them and releases them back into their communities. Thousands of cat lovers travel to the island every year to visit the “Hawaiian Lions”.

Diving for wrecks

The WWII Corsair plane wreck dive site off Honolulu is now home to a unique garden eel population and is popular with divers and photographers. The dive is considered advanced, so boats and a guide are required. If you’re brave enough, you might even see a few jacks and stingrays.

Honolulu’s kaniakapupu ruins

Spend an enchanting morning visiting what remains of the summer palace of King Kamehameha III, who ruled the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1825 to 1854. Completed in 1845, Kaniakapupu was built in the Nu’uanu Valley on Oahu. The ruins can be found on a parcel of crown lands called Luakaha, which roughly translates to “place of relaxation”. The palace was built as a place where the king and his court could escape the summer heat and Western influence. Here they had the space to speak about politics and governance with Hawaiian chiefs, provide refreshment and entertainment to the Hawaiian people, and host foreign dignitaries in Hawaiian style.

Amnesty and refuge

Place of Refuge is an ancient holy grounds that once granted amnesty to anyone who entered. From roughly 600 AD until Kamehameha’s monarchy in 1810, the islands were governed by a kapu (meaning “forbidden”) system that dictated daily life. It was made up of many laws that, if infringed, meant death by human sacrifice. Those sentenced to death could receive a full pardon if they set foot in the Place of Refuge on the southwestern coast of the Big Island; but to reach it, they first had to elude their pursuers. The holy grounds were adjacent to a royal complex, separated by a wall 10 feet high and 17 feet thick. If the convict was able to circumvent the royal guards, they then had to make it across a shark-infested bay. Today, the ruins allow visitors to experience a recreation of traditional village life and the Bay of Honaunau is a favorite snorkeling site.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Florida to Hawaii?

The cost of your private jet charter depends on the type of aircraft you fly in and the route you take. For some more information on private jet charter pricing, read our blog on how much it costs to hire a private plane. If you’re in need of a tailored quote, call in on +1 516 432 5901 or speak to our team online who will take you through your options. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your flight.

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