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Not just for luxury: The many uses of private charters

Private aviation isn’t just for the rich and famous or high-flying business executives. At Air Charter Service (ACS), we provide an extensive range of aircraft charters for all kinds of clients, including government officials, royalty and medical patients.

Who uses ACS?

ACS is a global leader in aviation services, with offices in six continents. We organize over 12,000 charters a year for a range of clients, such as:

  • Senior business executives
  • Celebrities
  • Royalty
  • Freight forwarders
  • Travel companies and tour operators
  • Emergency response agencies and non-government organizations
  • Music and film companies
  • Automotive producers
  • Military services
  • Event organizers
  • Governments and politicians
  • Sports teams
  • Industries such as oil and gas, engineering, construction, entertainment, mining, financial services and pharmaceuticals

A look at the range of ACS charter services

A view of New York City from the cabin of a private jet
A view of New York City from the cabin of a private jet

ACS offers a variety of charter services that can be tailored to suit individual client needs, whether you’re looking for a light, heavy or mid-size jet. These include:

Helicopters: Helicopters allow more flexibility than jets, as they can access remote, crowded and difficult-to-reach places. They’re a great option for point-to-point journeys such as business transfers to city helipads and direct taxis from airports to ski resorts, events and sports stadiums. Many helicopters have comfy club seating and can also be used for medical evacuations and scenic flights.

Private Jets: We arrange private charters for clients traveling on business or leisure to various locations around the world.

Air Taxis: Air taxis usually come in the form of helicopters, propeller planes and light jets. These aircraft can use shorter runways, providing access to small airports and remote areas with poor infrastructure, which is ideal for clients traveling to hard-to-reach locations like mines and rigs.

Business & Executive Jets: Small personalized aircraft are ideal for executive clients. Business jets such as the Boeing BBJ, Cessna Citation X and Gulfstream G550 are popular options and able to fly internationally. Enjoy luxury interiors boasting lounges, conference rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms with stand-up showers. For a look at some of the most luxurious amenities on board private jets, read our blog here.

Air Ambulances: We can arrange fast transport services for patients who are too sick to travel on commercial flights, as well as their relatives and medical personnel. We have access to a range of medevac jets, turboprops and helicopters that are specially equipped with cargo doors, modified ramps to load stretchers, space for patients to lie flat and intensive care facilities.

Group Charters: Our dedicated group division organizes larger aircraft, such as turboprops and executive jets, for companies that need group charter services. Over the last 20 years we’ve served multinational corporations, relief agencies, governments, sports teams and entertainment management companies. Our group charter services include:

  • Personnel Logistics: ACS helps companies move their employees all over the world, including to remote destinations, at short notice.
  • Emergency Response: We can charter specialist aircraft to assist with evacuations, search and rescue teams, medical transportation and repatriations. These services are ideal in the event of natural disasters, political unrest and business emergencies.
  • Tours & Roadshows: ACS provides reliable services for sports teams, music tours, road shows and film and TV productions. We can also transport government officials and politicians to trade delegations, political visits and on election campaigns.
  • Business & Leisure Trips: We can arrange private jets for group vacations, meetings, reward trips, functions, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Series Charters: Long-term contract clients can access a full range of aircraft. We’ll create a customized schedule for your tour or aviation package, perfect for companies like travel agencies.

Take advantage of our Charter Concepts service, which offers personalized charters for groups including valet parking at the airport and branded designs on the interior and exterior of the jet. Other services include private lounges, meet-and-greets, Champagne gate receptions, in-flight catering and special entertainment.

Cargo charter services

ACS has won awards for its cargo charters. Our dedicated account managers have specialized training in the field and can organize a full range of aircraft, from small jets to large freighters. Our services include:
  • On-Board Couriers: This hand-carry service is ideal for sensitive and time-critical deliveries.
  • Urgent Charters: Fast delivery of everything from aid relief to aircraft and automotive parts, medical supplies and oil and gas equipment.
  • Dangerous Goods: We offer specialist services for transporting hazardous goods such as explosives, gases and radioactive substances.
  • Heavy & Outsized Cargo: Large cargo charters can transport goods such as vehicles, parts for power stations, construction and satellite and communications equipment.
  • Humanitarian & Relief: Over the last 25 years, ACS has provided cargo charter services during major relief operations like the Asian Tsunami and in Somalia, Kosovo, Iran, Haiti, Libya, the Philippines, Rwanda and Pakistan. We work with some of the world’s biggest aid agencies to help deliver relief, liaising with various governments including the US, Canadian, German and Spanish authorities. We can charter jets that are able to carry everything from camping gear and food supplies to medical equipment, vehicles and industrial materials.

Our personalized service

An air-traffic controller signals to a helicopter as it lands in a remote area
An air-traffic controller signals to a helicopter as it lands in a remote area

We pride ourselves on offering clients a first-class private charter service. Clients enjoy 24/7 access to a dedicated account manager for help and assistance. You can also take advantage of our Specialist Solutions service and liaise with staff who have experience in your specific industry. When it comes to the little details, we can arrange everything from branded jet exteriors to meet-and-greet services and on-board catering.

Take advantage of the ACS Empyrean Card, one of the most flexible and cost-effective jet cards in the world. Empyrean card holders can book worldwide flights on-demand via email and enjoy unrestricted use of aircraft. The prepaid service holds your money in a trust account and is fully refundable at any time, plus you'll also have access to a personal account manager. There are no high hourly costs or peak-day restrictions, so you can fly further for less.

How to organize your private charter

You can get an instant price estimate for your private jet journey or contact us for a tailored quote. ACS also often offers one-way empty leg flights, which are often reduced by up to 75 percent of the original cost, in order to avoid returning a jet to its origin empty. Keep an eye on our regularly updated list of empty leg private jet charters here, which includes flights from popular airports in Teterboro, New York and Los Angeles.

What are the benefits of private jet charter services?

Here are some of the top benefits of booking a private charter:

  • Speed & Convenience: Skip queues with dedicated terminals and separate check-in and security lines. In some cases, you can drive straight onto the tarmac and board the plane minutes before your flight.
  • Variety of aircraft: ACS has access to 130 different types of aircraft and 50,000 jets. So you can rent everything from a mid-size to heavy jet, including helicopters and turboprops.
  • Facilities: We can charter aircraft that are customized with chic facilities, making it easy for clients to work and relax on board. These include bedrooms and bathrooms with stand-up showers, offices and conference facilities. Additional luxury amenities can also include lounges, catering facilities, personal cabin crew and entertainment systems.
  • Flexibility: With a range of offices in six continents, we can organize private charter services around the world. Connect with commercial flights and fly in and out of large, remote and international airports.
  • Privacy: ACS provides a confidential service and can work with your security operator when arranging private flights.

Whether you’re looking to charter a private jet for business or leisure, a group charter for you and your colleagues, or for virtually any other need, Air Charter Service has you covered.



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