FBO private jet lounges offer more than just exclusivity. Some provide travellers with everything from food and napping areas to conference rooms. Learn more about some of the most extravagant FBO lounges in the world as we collate six of the best.

Six best FBO Private lounges around the world

FBO private jet lounges offer more than just exclusivity. Some provide travellers with everything from food and napping areas to conference rooms. Learn more about some of the world’s most extravagant FBO lounges as we collate six of the best.

What are FBOs and private airport lounges?

Dedicated airport terminals for fixed-base operators (FBOs) have become more lavish since their inception in the 1920s. Today, these commercial service centres offer private jet clients five-star amenities like aircraft shuttles and fast-track customs and immigration desks. 

A concierge is usually on-hand to handle luggage and check-in while passengers chill out in sleek lounges or catch up on work in private conference rooms. Flight crews also have space to rest and complete training between flights, while aircraft facilities include hangar storage and fueling, de-icing and repair and maintenance services.

Farnborough Airport, UK

Located less than an hour from London’s West End, Farnborough Airport has been rated a leading FBO for over 10 years by Aviation International News (AIN). As one of the UK’s only airports dedicated entirely to business aviation, Farnborough has a three-storey terminal with a modern top-floor passenger lounge overlooking the runway.

The airport’s facilities include 329,000 square feet of hangar space and a pub, café, hotel and pilot gym. There’s also an on-site immigration and customs facility, fast baggage screening and audio-visual conference rooms. Passengers can be driven directly to their aircraft and use a 24-hour concierge to help with trip planning, transfers and hotel bookings. Aircraft services include fueling, parking, de-icing and catering.

Popular private jet routes to and from Farnborough include Paris (45 minutes) and Edinburgh (one hour).

Sheltair, Tampa International Airport, Florida

Ranked one of the Americas’ top three FBO terminals by AIN in 2021, Sheltair covers 136,000 square feet at Tampa International Airport and offers a US customs facility for fast clearance, a passenger lounge and two audio-visual equipped conference rooms.

Guests can enjoy complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, a café, courtesy hotel shuttles and access to the neighbouring International Plaza for dining and shopping. There’s also a crew lounge, 24-hour customer service, arrival and departure canopies and ramps for passenger vehicles. The FBO features a huge hangar that can accommodate all types of aircraft.

Popular private jet routes to and from Sheltair FBO include New York (two-and-a-half hours) and LA (five hours).

ExecuJet Sydney, Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia

Rated 2021’s third-best FBO terminal outside the Americas by AIN, ExecuJet’s Sydney FBO is based at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, 12km from the city’s central business district.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts a private apron and aircraft hangar. Visiting passengers can enjoy internet access, daily newspapers, refreshments and relaxation areas, while staff are also on hand to provide first-class service. Fuel, MRO, flight planning and weather permits, catering, transport and hotel arrangements are all available on-site.

Popular private jet routes to and from ExecuJet Sydney include London (21 hours) and Los Angeles (15 hours).

Advanced Air Support, Paris Le Bourget, France

Named one of the top FBOs at Paris Le Bourget airport by AIN, Advanced Air Support is a newly-renovated contemporary terminal. What makes this FBO stand out from the pack at one of Europe’s most exclusive business airports is the wide range of facilities and private lounges it offers.

Along with the main lounge, there are four additional private lounges, a VVIP lounge with a private bathroom, a conference room and a prayer room. Onsite facilities include 16,700 square metres of hangar space and 26,000 square metres of outdoor aircraft parking space, accommodating both overnight and long-stay aircraft.

You can fly by private jet from Advanced Air Support in Paris to London or Geneva in under an hour.

ExecuJet Middle East, Dubai International Airport, Dubai

ExecuJet Middle East stands out from the crowd in Dubai, one of the world’s most popular private jet destinations. Located about eight miles from the Burj Khalifa, the acclaimed FBO features eight modern passenger lounges, a prayer room and a duty-free shop.

There’s also a separate lounge where crews can relax between flights, along with two air-conditioned hangars covering over 75,000 square feet and aircraft maintenance support.

Private charters from Dubai to London take eight hours in a mid-size jet, while a heavy jet flight to New York takes 16 hours.

American Aero, Fort Worth Meacham International Airport, Texas

Named the world’s number one FBO by AIN in 2021, American Aero is known for its five-star amenities including an A/V-equipped conference room and a passenger lounge with a refreshment bar stocked with fresh fruit, ice cream and nutrition bars.

Self-tinting windows shield the lobby and waiting area from the harsh Texan sunshine, while soundproofing limits noise disturbance. Pilots can rest in a large TV room with recliners and showers, while there’s a state-of-the-art hangar with airport and ramp support for a 747.

Popular private jet routes to and from American Aero in Texas include Cancun (2-3 hours) and St. Louis (just over an hour).

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