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Dubrovnik is up there as one of the most picturesque cities in Europe if not the world. At its heart is the so-beautiful-it’s-almost-unreal Old Town with its labyrinth of medieval alleys linking lively squares and quieter corners, all surrounded by imposing walls, gates, fortresses and towers. Some people visit to see a frozen-in-time, ultra-charming destination while thousands head here to explore filming locations from the small-screen juggernaut Game of Thrones and claim their place on the Iron Throne. Whatever your reason, what awaits is a magical atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. Get a fast qoute with Air Charter Service and charter a private jet today.

The star of the show in Dubrovnik is undeniably the Old Town. It has a maze of shaded alleyways that seem to have been lifted straight from the pages of a storybook or Medieval history textbook. The Pile Gate is the starting point for most visitors, with taxis, tour buses and cruise ship transfers all dropping off their passengers just outside. Once you’ve passed under the two arches of this imposing 15th-Century structure you’ll come out into the Stadun, the wide main street that cuts through the town.

As you wander around the cobbled lanes, you’ll come across sun-soaked squares filled with al fresco cafés and bustling produce and souvenir markets. Thanks to the unique topography, it won’t be long before you’re climbing hundreds of steps up northwards or southwards to the base of the dominating city walls. The best time to explore the Old Town, without any of the clustering cruise-ship crowds, is early in the morning as the city wakes up or in the evening when the streets are busy with diners, drinkers and street artists. A few of the must-see sights within the walls are Jesuits’ Staircase, the Church of St Ignatius of Loyola and the Rector’s Palace, also known as Knezev Dvor.

For some close-up views of the sweeping vistas of the Old Town’s terracotta rooftops, step up on the city walls which encircle the town. You can walk along the entire mile and a half wall, ascending and descending approximately 1080 steps, and stop for a drink along the way in an in-wall bar overlooking the glittering Adriatic Sea. One of the best vantage spots is the Minceta Tower in the north-west corner of the walls. This is the highest point of the Old Town and provides a thought-provoking overview of the damage done during the 1991 Siege of Dubrovnik – the buildings with the more vibrant-looking terracotta roofs were either completely or partially destroyed.

For a birds-eye look at the walled Old Town and the surrounding islands, take the cable car – or hike the multi-switchback trail – up to the top of Mount Srd. This 412-metre hill rises dramatically behind the city and is the best place to see the sun set over the sea and the lights of the city turning on. It’s not just about the incredible and far-reaching vistas up at the top of Srd – it’s also the setting of the Croatian Homeland Museum. Located on the ground floor of Fort Imperial, this museum conveys the magnitude of the shelling of Dubrovnik by the Yugoslav People’s Army during the Croatian War of Independence.

Back down closer to sea level is the Lovrjenac Fortress, which sits in a commanding setting on a 37-metre high rocky outcrop outside the city walls. This triangular fort was used to defend the western city from attacks by sea and by land. Today, the fortress no longer has any military use but – like many corners of Dubrovnik – it may be familiar to fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones television adaptation. With a little bit of help from CGI, it was transformed into the King’s Landing’s Red Keep in seasons two and three of the hit show. On the way from the Old Town to Lovrjenac, pause for a while or perhaps grab a drink at one of the waterfront cafes at the almost impossibly picturesque West Harbour.

During your city wall walk and trip up to Mount Srd, you’ll have spotted the rugged Lokrum Island which sits opposite Dubrovnik’s main harbour. This is a great place for a half or full-day trip over from the city as it’s just a short hop from the mainland. Here, you can walk the trails through pine, Cyprus and olive trees, visit the botanic gardens or see the ruins of a medieval Benedictine monastery. You can also kayak over to the island and there are plenty of local tour operators offering guided trips. A little further afield is the forest-covered island of Mljet. This beautiful island is a haven away from Dubrovnik’s hectic streets and is home to salt-water lakes with refreshing swimming spots, a network of walking trails and the ruins of a monastery on St Mary’s Island.

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