Private jet on a landing strip.
Private jet on a landing strip.Choosing the right private aircraft can impact your flying experience. You want to strike a balance between budget-friendly private jet options and all the amenities you need to fly comfortably on the aircraft that suits you. Learn more about some of the different types of private jets.

The Types of Private Jets: Which One Should You Charter?

Choosing the right private aircraft can impact your flying experience. You want to strike a balance between budget-friendly private jet options and all the amenities you need to fly comfortably on the aircraft that suits you. Learn more about some of the different types of private jets.

There are many reasons people choose to fly privately, whether it be for business or personal reasons. Other than the luxurious experience, the most common reason behind the rising popularity of private flights is convenience. 

Flying privately allows travelers to fly on their terms – they get to choose their own departure time, skip the tedious check-in processes and long lines of commercial flying, and enjoy a much more comfortable flight (to name a few benefits).

While private jet charter offers all these luxuries and many more, every private aircraft is different and may not be able to offer the level of comfort, amenities, or practicality you’re seeking. The key to private jet charter and doing it well is to know what type of private jet best suits your journey and your requirements.

We discuss the different types of jets and their amenities, what sets each type of private jet apart, what each type has to offer, and why it is important to know what type of aircraft is best suited to your travels. 

Why choosing the right private jet size is important

Private jet on parked in front of a warehouse.
Private jet on parked in front of a warehouse.

If you want to get the best value out of your private flying experience, jet sizes are an important consideration – you need to make sure that you’re chartering a private aircraft that not only best suits your budget but also your specific requirements. 

You don’t want to overspend on a private jet that is too large and filled with amenities you won’t use, but in the same breath, you don’t want to charter one that is too small and doesn’t have everything you need.

For example, some aircraft are too small to seat a flight attendant, accommodate lots of baggage, or even have an onboard lavatory. On the other hand, some jets are too large to land on certain runways or at smaller airports and demand large charter costs for a quick city hop or short-haul flight. 

It might not be cost-effective to opt for a 12-seater heavy jet like the Bombardier Challenger 605, for example, for four people to make a short one-hour journey. If costs were your primary concern, you may be better off opting for a very light jet like the Cessna Citation Mustang, or the economical super-light Embraer Phenom 300

How many types of private jets are there?

While there are also turboprop and piston aircraft, private jets are typically characterised by their jet engines and are broken up into seven basic categories: light jets, super-light jets, mid-size jets, super-mid-size jets, heavy jets, ultra-long-range jets, and executive airliners, also known as executive jets, bizjets or biz liners. These categories are determined based on passenger capacity, range, cost-effectiveness and aircraft size. 

Very light jets

A photograph of a very light jet on the runway.
A photograph of a very light jet on the runway.

The first – and smallest – of the private jet sizes are the very light jets (VLJs), which are a relatively new addition to private aviation. They primarily offer an alternative to piston and turboprop aircraft, and though they are often referred to as entry-level jets, this is not a measure of their popularity or quality as passenger aircraft or the level of comfort and convenience that they provide. 

VLJs are cheaper to run and maintain than their standard light counterparts, and while they can’t manage the range larger classes of jets offer, they can sometimes match them in speed with the added benefit of being able to land on short runways. The very light category is a combination of the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of turboprop aircraft with the amenities and performance standards of a light jet – although the smaller size of a VLJ does mean that you will not have access to certain features. 

Some jets in the very light category, such as the Embraer Phenom 100, which can carry four passengers and reach a cruise speed of approximately 391mph, will feature a lavatory. But the Eclipse 500 or Cessna Citation Mustang, which also seats four passengers, do not. All of these jets do not have the capacity for a flight attendant. 

The major benefit of the very light jet class is that they can provide flights into areas ignored by most commercial airlines (a benefit of being able to land on short runways), and they will cover distances of 1,000-1,200 miles in a hurry while carrying up to four passengers and a small amount of baggage.

Light jets and super-light jets

An Embraer Phenom 300 on the runway.
An Embraer Phenom 300 on the runway.

If you’re looking for a type of private aircraft that offers a slightly larger passenger capacity and flight range than a VSJ can give you, then this is where you might want to upsize to a more standard-size light jet. 

These kinds of private jets are slightly bigger than VSJs, so can benefit from the increased payload and flight range while still enjoying some of the key benefits of chartering a very small jet, like the ability to access smaller airports or land on shorter runways. So, if you need to get a little further with a few extra passengers, chartering a light jet could suit your journey better. 

Though most light jets won’t be able to crew a flight attendant, they will typically be able to seat between five and eight passengers, and most will come with an onboard lavatory. Despite their size, light jets can typically manage flight distances of 1,400-2,500 miles, and some can reach cruise speeds of over 500mph. Such is the case with the Bombardier Learjet 35, with a range capability of up to 2,500 miles at 540mph, carrying up to six passengers in absolute comfort. The Cessna Citation II is another popular light jet and can carry up to seven passengers with a range of up to 2,002 miles and cruise speeds of up to 463mph.

While the light jet puts up impressive numbers for its size, there is another class of light jet that pushes those numbers even further: the super-light jet. One of the most popular private jets in the super-light category is the multi-award-winning Embraer Phenom 300, which can carry up to eight passengers in the most spacious cabin you can find in a light jet and with the most luggage space in its class. 

If you’re looking to travel slightly further, then you will need a super-light jet with even more range. The Gulfstream G100 can easily manage trips of up to 3,000 miles at cruise speeds of up to 494mph. No slouch in the numbers department, the G100 is a slightly dated model, but some models feature newly-fitted interiors that make this aircraft a great and viable choice for your charter needs.

If you’re interested in chartering a flight on a light jet for your travels or just want to find out more about what makes these aircraft such attractive travel options, then please contact us and book your charter today. Or you can browse our aircraft guide to see what aircraft are available for your private charter from ACS.

Mid-size jets

 A picture of the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, a popular midsize aircraft, in the air.
A picture of the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, a popular midsize aircraft, in the air.

If a light aircraft won’t take you far enough or isn’t big enough to fit you and all your luggage, friends or business associates, or if you are simply looking for a more luxurious but still well-rounded mix of comfort and value, then you chartering a mid-size jet is a consideration.

Mid-size jets offer a wealth of options in terms of range, speed, luxury, and amenities, making them well-suited for mid-length flights. The mid-size class of aircraft typically offers more comfort and amenities than light and super-light jets, such as ample luggage compartments, divans for relaxation, an on-board lavatory, and cabins big enough for you to comfortably move around in. 

The Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, for example, typically seats eight passengers in a spacious cabin with a beautifully designed interior. The 900XP can travel more than 3,000 miles at a cruise speed of about 530mph, which will get you to where you’re going quickly.

If you feel that a mid-size jet is the best private aircraft suited to your journey, then why not contact us today about your private jet charter? For more information about our private jet charter services, the mid-size jets we can source, and what other private aircraft types are available to you, check out our aircraft guide.

Still searching for the perfect type of jet?

Interior of luxury private jet with grey leather seats and table set for dinner
Interior of luxury private jet with grey leather seats and table set for dinner

If you didn’t find anything that covers your requirements from the smaller jet categories, then you might need a bigger jet, more seats, a longer flight range, more comfort… or all of the above. While the smaller types of planes all perform their own function in the world of private jet charter and are typically the most cost-effective solution for most charter needs, you may require a bigger jet with more cabin space. 

Super-mid-size jets

Cessna Citation X private jet parked on the runway.
Cessna Citation X private jet parked on the runway.

Super-mid-size jets share a lot of traits with larger heavy jets. They boast superior range, size, and some added features compared to most standard mid-size jets but are about as cost-efficient. Features that are included as part of the step up from the standard mid-size jet are more modern onboard Wi-Fi capabilities, a roomier cabin, and improved avionics for a quieter and more comfortable flight overall.

The Cessna Citation X is one of the fastest fully-certified civilian aircraft in the sky, with a cruising speed just short of the sound barrier at Mach 0.92. It’s also one of the most popular choices for charter in the super-mid-size category. 

The cabin seats up to eight passengers in complete comfort and features a beautifully sleek interior design. This super-mid-size jet will get you from LA to New York a whole hour faster than other jets in its class, making the trip in only four hours (depending on variables). 

A more modern long-range alternative is the Bombardier Challenger 350, which can fly non-stop from New York to London and is one of the world’s best-selling business jets.

To charter a super-mid-size jet for your travels, contact our offices and book your private charter flight today. If you would like to read more about this category of private jet, browse our aircraft guide.

Heavy jets

While blue and yellow Bombardier Global 5000 luxury jet on the runway.
While blue and yellow Bombardier Global 5000 luxury jet on the runway.

We’re now getting closer to the top tier of private jet charter. Heavy jets are incredibly luxurious, with full stand-up cabins and loads of space for passengers and luggage. You can expect a full suite of amenities such as large comfortable chairs, enclosed bathrooms, lie-flat beds, premium entertainment facilities, Wi-Fi, and a full galley. You’ll also have the option of having a flight attendant or two onboard to help with catering and any other needs you might have. 

Heavy jets form part of the ‘king-size’ category of private aircraft and can travel much further than most mid-size jets while seating more passengers. Some heavy jets, like the Bombardier Global 5000, can carry up to 13 passengers, and travel distances up to 5,500 miles at a cruise speed of about 530mph. While this is only slightly above the range and speed of a super-mid-size jet, it makes up for this by boasting one of the tallest cross-sections in the heavy jet category and a supremely quiet cabin, which provides exceptional comfort to passengers.

One heavy jet that makes a point of being able to go far and fast is the elegant and luxurious Gulfstream V. Capable of carrying up to 16 passengers in absolute comfort and style and able to travel a whopping 7,300 miles at cruise speeds of up to 528mph, the Gulfstream V extends its reach into the ultra-long-range category of heavy jets. It features exquisite interior options, as well as a host of amenities like a three-zone cabin for working, dining, and entertaining.

If you need to fly your team of execs from New York to Paris for an important meeting or plan on taking the family and some friends on a Central or South American getaway, then consider chartering a heavy jet.

Ultra-long-range heavy jets

A Bombardier Global XRS / 6000 on the runway.
A Bombardier Global XRS / 6000 on the runway.

Ultra-long-range heavy jets are in a league of their own. They offer an unparalleled fusion of comfort and distance with an impressive range of up to 8,000 nautical miles (about 12 hours of flight time). 

Their spacious cabins can accommodate approximately 14 to 16 passengers, depending on the model, but what really sets ultra-long-range heavy jets apart is the sheer size of the cabin. Because passengers are usually flying for extended periods of time when they charter ultra-long-range aircraft, the design of these jets prioritizes comfort. Lie-flat beds, pull-up tabletops, refrigeration facilities, entertainment facilities, separate zones, and plush seating are just a few of the features that make flying in one of these large private jets a truly luxurious travel experience. 

Popular models of ultra-long-range heavy jets include the Dassault Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global XRS / 6000, and Bombardier Global 7500. These aircraft redefine air travel and are designed for non-stop inter-continental journeys. With cabins configured for work, dining, and relaxation – and amenities that meet the highest standards – these jets offer an unmatched travel experience. Plus, because of how big the cabins are, there is usually a flight attendant onboard to help ensure that you have the best flight possible.

If you’re planning a long journey and an ultra-long-range heavy jet seems like the right option for you, or if you have any questions you would like answered, contact our offices today for assistance. If you would like to read more about the private jets in this category, or any others, browse through our aircraft guide.

Executive airliners

The interior of an Airbus A-319 CJ.
The interior of an Airbus A-319 CJ.

We have arrived at the pinnacle of luxury private aircraft. Often referred to as bizjets or biz liners, executive airliners are usually commercial-sized aircraft that have been converted into luxury penthouses with wings. These jets have about the same range and speed capabilities as most other heavy and ultra-long-range jets but boast incredibly luxurious and extravagant features, plus interior layouts and designs incomparable to any of the private aircraft in the other jet categories. 

The Airbus A-319 CJ includes features such as private suites with closing doors, a full-size shower spa and walk-in cupboards, and an on-board cocktail bar in the lounge. The exact interior configurations can vary greatly, and layouts can seat anywhere from 19 to 48 passengers, with combinations of VIP quarters, offices, and high-density seating. 

On an executive airliner, you can start off with a few drinks in the cocktail bar to loosen up before the flight, and then swivel the tables and chairs to create a more spacious lounge area for everyone to relax and socialize in. Once you’re done partying and everyone is winding down, you can retreat to your private suite and pour yourself a little something out of your personal minibar. From there, you can use your tablet to shut your doors and get some well-deserved rest.

Nothing describes this type of aircraft better than a ‘palace in the sky’. While these are some of the most expensive aircraft available for charter (some can cost as much as $70,000 per hour), the experience is unrivaled. 

If the ideal aircraft for your travels is a luxurious flying palace, then what are you waiting for? Contact us and start the process of organizing your private jet charter flight today. If you are interested in finding out more about what extravagant features these aircraft have to offer or are just interested in seeing more, you can browse our aircraft guide.


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