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What food can be ordered on a private jet flight?

When you fly on a private jet every tiny detail is tailored to make your flight as enjoyable as possible, and that includes your food. Join Air Charter Service to explore how.

How food varies depending on your aircraft

Boarding a private jet
Boarding a private jet

As the majority of flights tend to be shorter hops, we found that the most common selection tends to stay the same, no matter where in the world you are. These smaller aircraft used for these kinds of flights can’t heat food, due to not being big enough to accommodate a galley kitchen and the shorter length of flight makes it less worthwhile. So cold platters of fruits, meats and cheeses, sushi, sandwiches, salads and snacks are the main choices when it comes to dining. When it comes to drinks these shorter flights also tend to keep it simple, just a variety of teas, coffees, soft drinks and a few alcoholic choices also. When you think of chartering, you expect extravagant and expensive, but due to the limitations of these smaller aircraft and length of flight, the reality is that most clients order straight forward meals.

If you’re going for a larger jet, to a degree, the world is your oyster when it comes to what is available when you fly. With this size of jet you have more opportunities when it comes to storing and warming food on board, so the food options available become wider and more varied. More often than not a larger jet will have a kitchen on board which means gourmet cuisine can be specially prepared in advance and served piping hot when you’re ready. But don’t forget that no matter what the size of your jet, the caterers know what will work best, and will ensure you get the most of out whatever you choose to order.

Inflight food requests from around the world

Dining on a private jet
Dining on a private jet

If you need a little inspiration, we asked our offices what some of the most common, expensive or downright unusual requests they had had. Over in Asia requests range from enticing meat, vegetable and seafood dim sum and dumplings, to fillet congee, bird nest egg tart and even jellyfish in vinegar. The most expensive request has been from Australia, with a very pricey Beluga caviar ordered along with its serving bowls and spoons.

Lastly, a very common order across the world is takeaway. Ranging from two opposite ends of the spectrum with some clients requesting McDonalds, Burger King and Dominos to others ordering their favourite dish from Michelin starred local restaurants, literally anything is possible. After selecting your meal from your favourite establishment, the food is prepared just before your flight to keep it as fresh as possible. Delivery is not possible to an airport, so caterers collect the food, cold pack it and store it at the FBO ready to be loaded on to the plane. Depending on the size of your aircraft, the pre-prepared food can be eaten freshly chilled or reheated and piping hot, to give you the best inflight dining experience.

Celebrating a special occasion in the sky

Celebrating in the sky
Celebrating in the sky

When we think of private jet hire we imagine smart business people or celebrities using it as a regular form of travel. But sometimes private jet hires are used for special occasions and they can be tailored to you too. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday or an engagement, it can be made extra special. From flowers decorating the cabin, to birthday cakes and Champagne, even a buffet to throw a party on board, there’s lots to choose from. Not only are items and food available, but also experiences. Why not pass the time with an immersive culinary experience, perhaps a cheese and wine tasting, a yoga session, or even a childrens entertainer to keep your little ones busy? It’s a sure way to celebrate in style whilst you glide through the clouds.

When you choose to soar the skies in luxury, there’s very little you can’t have. Contact Air Charter Service and one of our dedicated account managers will arrange a bespoke private jet charter accompanied with the perfect inflight meal for you.



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